A message from Elio

Amici miei,


I have been living in Japan for a long time.

In fact, I have spent most of my life here, and I really appreciate that I have been warmly adopted by this country. I truly feel at home here.

Many of you have expressed your concern about the health my family in Italy due to the Coronavirus. And I must tell you that I greatly appreciate your warm caring hearts. You make me feel loved and your affection is a blessing. Fortunately my family is safe in Calabria far from the epicenter up north.


Unfortunately, the overall situation in Italy is not good. What’s happening there is like something out of a terrifying movie. I deeply respect the Italian people’s inner strength and applaud their courage and dignity, in the face of this tragedy.

In Japan, my family and staff are fine. Thanks to the Japanese way of living, including regularly washing hands, wearing masks and bowing in greeting, etc., the virus is under control. I really love this country, for all it has taught me and this gives me confidence that everything will be just fine.

Over my 30 years here, I have, along with you, endured the Kobe earthquake, the Lehman Shock, and the Tohoku tsunami. All of these events were terrible, but also proved the resilience of the Japanese people. And, as in those difficult days, if we support each other and stay united we will also survive and not only win the battle against this latest threat but become stronger from it.


I am confident Italy will overcome this pandemic and I look forward to being able to travel there again with some of you to eat the delicious Italian food and drink some good Italian wine.Until that time arrives, however, for those of you who choose to stay home, I have prepared a special family set for you to enjoy at tua casa with your loved ones.


Salute, e Buon Appetito!




Amici miei,







30年「Osewani natte masu!」、阪神・淡路大震災、リーマンショック、東日本大震災…と、私は直面しました。これらの出来事は一言では言い表わせませんが、互いに助け合い、みんなで力を合わせて乗り越えてきました。今回もまたきっと乗り越えられると強く確信しています。そしていつの日か一緒にイタリアへ行きましょう!



Salute e Buon Appetito!